Prince Storybook Men’s Costume


Bring that storybook to life with this charming Prince Costume! A perfect match for that perfect princess in your life that you would travel the ends of the earth for!

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Slaying CelebrationThe damsel is saved. The dragon is gone. Your job was well done. Now it’s time to celebrate. All you want to do is take a nap, but the King insists you join the kingdom for a gala in honor of your bravery. Of course, that means you’ll have to send your armor to the smiths and have it polished for display. You’ll also need to make sure you have something princely to wear to impress the nobles, villagers, and potential brides.You can’t wear the same fine suit twice; the town crier will shout about it the next morning and you’ve heard enough gossip about yourself to last a 100-years sleep. The King has already had the royal tailors visit to get you something dashing to wear. As much as your reputation is on display, theirs is on the line —they will not have you do anything less than slay in a stunning new look.Product DetailsYour tailors really knew what they were doing when they whipped up this suit. Dressed in a sultry blue, the kingdom will sense your calm and approachable demeanor. With a splash of red on the shoulders and cuffs of your royal coat, however, they’ll be reminded of your bravery and dragon-slaying skills. With shimmering golden trim as well, you’ll make an impressive display of status among the villagers without needing the town crier to announce you. In such elegant garments, you’ll have a hard time keeping the damsels from requesting yet another dance.At the Stroke of MidnightSlaying dragons and the fashion game are hard work, but someone’s got to do it. So, put on a good show in this Storybook Prince Costume. When the clock strikes midnight and the villagers return to their humble abodes your wish for sleep will finally be granted. Leave any abandoned slippers where they are and return to your royal chambers for your well-earned nap.

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