Women’s Little Red Costume


This Women’s Little Red Costume is much sexier than how you probably pictured the storybook character. Enjoy your walk in the woods!

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If you’ve ever taken a stroll through the woods, chances are you know what to expect among those trees. Magical landscapes, sinister wildlife, mysterious travelers, all that good stuff. But we bet nobody in the forest will be expecting to run into you dressed up in this sexy Little Red Costume, not even the big bad wolf, himself!The woods can be a magical place, with some parts being dark and creepy, while others are sunny and enchanting, like a picture in a fairy tale book. You might find cute little critters scampering around the forest floor, or bigger, craftier creatures stalking in the shadows. It’s generally a good idea not to go for a walk under the trees unprepared (or under-dressed) for the occasion. One style that’s actually perfect for a timberland trek is the classic red hooded cloak, which helps protect you from the elements, and is easy to see in the green darkness. When you pair it with a sensually bright red skirt underneath the your riding hood, though, you won’t even have to worry about big bad wolves or hungry monsters chasing after you, since you’ll easily be the fiercest one in the woods!This sexy costume also happens to be the perfect look for any Halloween or fairy tale themed party. Except, instead of scaring things away like it does in the forest, this sweet and stunning skirt and matching red satin cloak puts you right in the spotlight. Add your favorite stockings and heels, and your sexy storybook style will wow everyone you meet!

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