The Women’s Magic Dragon Costume


Terrorize the party with the Women’s Magic Dragon Costume. Be head and shoulders above the rest of the party with this spooky costume.

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Fly Onto the SceneThey say that dragons can be very territorial creatures. Once they stake a claim on an area, it’s simply theirs and no other being should dare to creep upon it without the express invitation of the draconian master. Now, if other dragons are already present, there can occasionally be some conflict over an area… but how many dragons have you seen in the area in recent years? It is pretty much open skies for you at this point!It is indeed time for you to stretch those wings out and show that all you can see belongs to you. In no time, you’ll find various supplicants hoping to earn your favor. Perhaps that means bringing delightful treats for you to enjoy. It might involve a host of folks quickly offering to move your curio cabinet from that corner to that corner when you casually query how it might look. Anything it takes to avoid becoming lunch! (Though, some might even go that far!)Product DetailsThis Magic Dragon costume will help you take flight in a truly spectacular way. The costume begins with a thigh-length black dress that features long sleeves of dark sheer fabric and a jagged, high-low hemline. The dress itself is textured to look like the black scales of a powerful reptilian creature and lighter sheer fabric connects to the arms to create the look of webbed wings. There is plenty of fabric, so you can lift your arms high or twirl around in a magical dance of flight. The headpiece is a large hood that has dragon spikes and a tail that falls to your ankles. Claim Your TerritoryIf you do happen to find yourself in the company of another dragon, you have a choice to make. Will you enter combat to prove your dominance over your realm or will you join together as a flight and become a truly ferocious duo!? 

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