Prisoner – Shackles


Complete your costume this Halloween season with these Prisoner Shackles. These shackles clasp around your wrist and have a chain in between them. Your prisoner costume would not be complete without this accessory!

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Guilty As ChargedYou’re innocent, right? That’s what they all say, but we’re sure it’s all a misunderstanding. However, until you are proven innocent of your crimes we think it would be best if you wore these Prisoner Shackles. After all, you’ll be out this Halloween and we would feel much safer if you had them on.They’ll go great with the rest of your convict costume. Are the guards actually allowing you to rejoin society for the night? Perhaps you and your chain gang are at the party on a work-release program. We don’t know your story, so it’ll be up to you to tell everyone why you’re in shackles.Product DetailsThis Prisoner Shackles accessory is constructed of plastic. The cuffs are made so that your wrists will be able to easily slide in and out of them. (Don’t tell any prison guards or police officers that.) A plastic chain connects the cuffs. This prop has a very realistic design and looks just like real iron shackles.Check out the rest of our inmate/convict costume accessories and transform into a very convincing prisoner. Partner up with a police escort. The two of you can get into all sorts of hijinks this Halloween!

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