Plus Size Womens Grecian Goddess Costume


This Plus Size Grecian Goddess Costume will make you feel like the most beautiful Goddess at your next toga party! Available in 1X and 2X.

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We’re bringing Greece Back!Have you heard the news? If you’ve haven’t seen it in the paper, then surely you’ve seen a tweet or at least heard some whispers around the town. It’s some big news. Ancient Greece is making a comeback! That’s right, it really is, and we think it’s long overdue. Just because they’ve been gone for awhile doesn’t mean that we haven’t been missing them!Of course, they’re going to need quite a few goddesses to help restore that classical Grecian lifestyle. And we’re thinking they should get someone like you to take up the mantle! Think about it: ruling the land as a goddess, enjoying that sweet, sweet demigod lifestyle. It’s all grapes (and wine!) and harps and lyres and leisure. Sounds like a sweet gig to us!So, we’re giving you a super strong hint here. You just gotta get yourself into this women’s plus size Grecian goddess costume! Super stylish, and super fun, this costume style will have you relaxing and enjoying the divine lifestyle in no time. Trust us!Design & DetailsWe cooked up this costume right here at home base, our costume studios! And that means it’s Made by Us, which means its a step up from your typical costume fare. An elegant and airy single sleeve dress is accented with gorgeous brocade trim on the bottom hem and single sleeve cuff. The same pattern is featured on the belt, and for a little extra bling, this costume comes with a bracelet and headband, too. You know, to really achieve that demigod status!From Ancient Greece to futuristic fantasiesWe’ve got every theme covered in our costume selection, we do, after all, have the world’s largest costume selection! So, whether you’d like to party with your besties on Mt. Olympus, would rather choose a theme that’s a little more current, or would even blast off into the future… well, we’ve got you covered! Pick out your theme and get ready for a great Halloween. We got this!

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