Women’s Vinyl Bunny Costume


Blend in at the Playboy mansion or a Vegas show or stand out boldly anywhere else with this sexy bunny costume sure to turn heads.

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Rabbits have come a long way from their humble little tunnels in grassy fields. We have underestimated bunnies for way too long. The thing is, they have been purposely skating under the radar for a long time. They’ve been hopping into the urban landscape and working their way up the social ladder since the early 60’s and now they’re ready to take on the new millennium.  We haven’t pictured what would happen when rabbits meet the futuristic fashion scene. What happens when rabbits move from their cozy dens lined with dirt, rock, and shaggy tree roots to a different kind of underground. Sure, there’s less dirt in this new environment but there’s still plenty of rock, music that is. This bunny is tough, street smart, and not all that fluffy. This bunny likes the low lights of a club and the bright lights of the city. Sun filled meadows are no longer the preferred scene, oh no! This bunny has left that provincial life far behind and we all better buckle up because this bunny is in charge! You’re sure to feel powerful when you don the futuristic vinyl bunny costume. It features a strapless bodysuit with a dramatic neckline and a sculpted waist. A high waisted skater skirt gives the wet look a sassy twist with flouncing for fun twirl-factor. The bunny mask and the oversized ears with shiny finish give a unique take on a sexy classic.  Make the outfit complete with the elbow length gloves to add plenty of class. Who said bunnies couldn’t run the world?

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