The Raven Poe Socks


Any Edgar Allan Poe fan would love these The Raven Poe Socks. They’d make a great accessory for your Halloween costume this year, or just grab a pair for year-round wear!

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Batty Birds Birds are unpredictable. Sometimes you see them hopping along your lawn eating worms, and then the next minute they’re swooping inside your house to sit above your door and tell you that you’re never going to see your sweetheart again. Thanks for that, bird!Product DetailsQuoth the Raven, “These socks are awesome!” We’re pretty sure that’s how the classic poem goes, anyway. Pay tribute to one of the most famously creepy pieces of literature ever penned in these Poe The Raven Socks! The combed cotton, nylon and spandex material is printed with moody shades of purple, black and cream. The color scheme complements the spooky graphics: A raven perches on Poe’s frowning head on one side of your ankle. On the other side, Poe’s face has turned into a grinning skull. Black and purple cuffs and printed extracts from “The Raven” amp up the fun! Nevermore! Maybe if Poe’s narrator had filled his birdfeeder more regularly, he wouldn’t have had a raven pursue him inside. On the other hand, we wouldn’t have an epic poem, or these cool socks. It’s a toss-up! 

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