Bricky Blocks Build-On Snapback Hat The Cat in the Hat Kit


Have fun this Halloween with The Cat in the Hat Bricky Blocks Build-On Snapback Hat Kit and creating your own The Cat in the Hat look on the front of this hat. With cat ears and the iconic red and white hat attached to the top of this black, trucker style

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Reader’s DelightI said a-brick, block, the bricky, the brickyTo the brick brick to block, ya don’t stop the blockIt to the bang-bang bookie, say up jump the bookieTo the rhyme of the bookie, to read Now what you see is not a test, we’re rhyming to the beatAnd me, Dr. Suess, and the groove are going to try to make you read Well, okay. The Cat in the Hat Bricky Blocks Build-On Hat is trying to make you read! It’s officially licensed from Dr. Seuss and it will have you ready to spell out your favorite words!Product DetailsWhether you’re an avid reader trying to gear up for World Book Day or you just want to express yourself, the way that The Cat in the Hat would, this simple hat is the perfect way to do it. The hat is a baseball cap style and it fits with a plastic snapback size adjuster in the back. The sides of the hat have ears and the top of the hat even has another, smaller hat on top. Finally, the front panel features brick studs on it, so you can place the included bricks on it to create your own words!

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