Plus Size Cozy Tarantula Womens Costume


Crawl around making webs to catch your dinner. This women’s plus size cozy tarantula costume gives you extra arms and the fuzzy brown color to complete your tarantula look.

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Scare TacticsWhat is the scariest thing you can imagine? Maybe it’s a good ghost story of real, unexplained paranormal activity that sends shivers down the spine. For others, it may be deranged clowns, powerful witches, or the impending zombie apocalypse. But for you? The scariest thing you can imagine is to wake up with a hairy, slow-moving tarantula walking on your face!Ok, that IS scary. And you know, Halloween is all about being scared. Why not bring true terror to life in this exclusive Women’s Plus Size Cozy Tarantula Costume? Think of it as immersion therapy. Maybe becoming a tarantula will help you conquer your fear of the furry-legged arachnids? We mean, the costume is called a “cozy tarantula.” Maybe they are really cuddly after all!Design & DetailsThis creepy, crawly, and yes, somehow cozy costume was crafted right in our own design studio, with special attention to craftsmanship and details. It’s a front-zipping tunic in plush, faux fur, with 3 stuffed legs sewn into each side seam and connected via an invisible cord. The hood has all 6 — yep, 6! — of the tarantula’s eyes, for full effect. Add your own leggings and footwear and practice your slow, steady crawl across the room, because this tarantula is coming out to play tonight! 8 Legs UpSo, what is life really like as a tarantula? Whether wearing this costume has helped you get over your fear or it’s made you more afraid than ever, you can rest assured your costume gives you a leg up…or 8!

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