Ravenclaw Reversible Knit Beanie


Represent your favorite house with the Ravenclaw Reversible Knit Beanie. You’ll always have two styles to pick from so why not have one beanie for all the fits?

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The Muggle BluesIf you’re a wizard, you can use magic to keep yourself warm! When things get a little chilly, you can cast Incendio to make yourself a little fire. We bet there’s even a spell that can make your head warm without even wearing a hat.Of course, if you’re a muggle, like we are, then you can’t waggle a wand at the cold to make it go away (unfortunately)! The good news is that you can always just wear a nice knit hat to keep yourself warm. This one is officially licensed from Harry Potter and you don’t need any magic to wear it.Product DetailsThis Reversible Ravenclaw Beanie is a simple hat that’s inspired by the Hogwarts House. The hat has a knit design and comes in the silver color of Ravenclaw. It has a navy stripe around the brim with the house name in the middle. Turn the hat inside out and you get a totally different pattern! The inside-out variant of the hat is navy blue and has “Ravenclaw” knit into the side of the hat, along with the Ravenclaw raven on the side. It’s a great way for muggles and wizards alike to keep their heads warm!

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