Patriotic Ghost Face Mask


Let your patriotism shine and also showcase the horror franchise you love with the Patriotic Ghost Face Mask. Terrify your neighborhood while also being one that celebrates all things America.

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When You Love Your Country but Also Feel Kind of Stabby Decisions are hard, especially when it comes to dressing in costume. For instance, maybe you really appreciate living in the good old US of A. The Fourth of July is your favorite holiday (hello, fireworks!), you make sure to thank soldiers for their service. You were leaning toward dressing up as Uncle Sam, but then you thought about how much you enjoy a certain horror movie franchise. Is there a way to combine your two interests? We’re so glad you asked! Product Details Your victims will be impressed by the uniqueness of your Ghost Patriotic Face Mask – until you chase them with a (fake) knife. The plastic mask is molded into the ghost face made famous by the Scream movies, but this one is decorated with an American flag. The attached black polyester hood covers the rest of your head, and the black mesh eyeholes let you see when you’re chasing someone around a backyard. What’s Your Favorite Patriotic Movie? Time to brush up on your American movie trivia! You’ll have an original yet spooky look with this funny take on a horror movie classic. 

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