Founding Father Costume for Men


Wear this Adult Founding Father Costume and feel right at home in Independence Hall at the Continental Congress! Hear ye, hear ye… I declare you free from costume-lessness!

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You know what’s not an easy gig? Forming a more perfect union. For starters, you have to figure out what truths everyone holds self-evident. Even if you’re the sort who likes making lists, that’s a pretty weighty task. And you know you’re not going get much support from your former bosses – as a matter of fact, they’re willing to go to some extreme lengths to keep you with their organization.And then there’s the paperwork. You’ve got to sign some majorly important documents, and there are plenty of decisions to make on that front. Where do you want to be on the list of signers? Do you need to practice your quill work or just go with your usual scrawl? Do you want to follow that ever-flamboyant John Hancock’s example, or keep your mark more on the modest side? These are big choices. You only get one shot at a document like this, and with any luck it’s going to live in history.One thing you don’t have to worry about is what to wear. This revolutionary ensemble will keep you on the cutting edge of Founding Father fashion. The long, black polyester jacket features double rows of metallic silver buttons, with a stand-up collar and wide sleeve cuffs (careful not to let them dip into the inkwell!). The polyester pants stretch to mid-calf range, with elastic at the waist and cuffs. The vest front features still more buttons and satin ribbon waist ties. Bring it all together and you’ve got the foundation of a more perfect outfit that’s sure to stand the test of time.

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