Adult Bleeding Ghost Face Costume


You’ll have them all screaming with this Adult Bleeding Ghost Face Costume. A nice scary twist on all the original Ghost Face costumes, that is an absolute must have this Halloween.

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Ghosts Are EverywhereYou’ve probaby seen versions of this ghostly mask all over the place, in costume shops and party stores, as well as in pop culture. But did you know that the inspiration for this iconic mask comes from a famous painting? The long face of Edvard Munch’s painting, The Scream, inspired a costume maker and then an entire film series, also entitled Scream. Whether you are dressing up as Ghostface from the franchise or just wanting to look creepy, then check out this Adult Bleeding Ghost Face Costume. Product DetailsWhy get just the mask when you can get the whole look? This long robe with jagged hems ties at the front and features extra long sleeves. Matching black gloves hide your human fingers. The iconic mask has some padding to keep it comfortable, and it secures with elastic. But the unique part of this costume is the blood! The squeezable heart is full of fake blood, and it’s connected to the mask. Hide the tube in your sleeve, and squeeze the heart to send rivulets of blood down your mask. Now THAT’S worthy of some screams!Watch Out, Sidney!Do you have a particular “victim” in mind? In each Scream movie, someone is always out for Sidney Prescott. What person in your life needs a good scare? No matter who it is, we bet that the unique addition of pulsing blood will make them squeak in terror! This Halloween, enjoy the spooky powers of the anonymous Ghostface.

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