Classic Christmas Girl’s Costume


Come be merry and cheery in this Child Classic Christmas Girl Costume! Look like you just walked out of your favorite Christmas movie with this costume.

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Ho, ho, ho!So your child’s kindergarten class is going to have a Christmas party, eh? You know what she’ll bring for the teacher’s present and what kind of treats you can bake that will be a class favorite. But what should she wear? Last year, you sent her to the pre-school party in an ugly sweater, thinking she was oh-so-stylishly-self-aware. But it was a tragic surprise when you discovered that ugly sweaters are so 2019! You were so mortified, the only thing to do was to switch schools, move across the country, change your identity and start all over. Now, you’re terrified of that happening again.Product DetailsNever fear! We have just the costume for your little cutie’s next holiday party: the Child Classic Christmas Girl Costume. It’s all right there in the name: It’s Christmas-y and it’s classic. You can’t go wrong sticking with a holiday classic. The pink dress is made of soft 100 percent polyester velour fabric, with cute scalloped edges along its collar, sleeve cuffs and hemline. It also comes with a red velour-covered plastic headband that features adorable wire antennae with ribbons. (Big hair accessories are so in right now!)The best part of all is the red 20-inch diameter foam-backed ornament accessory that can be stuffed with tissue or fiberfill to keep its shape. Go big or go home, we say… None of those cute little Christmas-themed necklaces with tiny little ornaments. This ornament is sure to be the biggest one at the party, and biggest is best, you know.A perfect party look!This will definitely set up your little Christmas queen to be the star student of her new school, and guarantee that you won’t have to quit another job or move to another state again. This costume is sure to keep her Christmas merry and bright!

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