Cookie Monster Costume


Your little one will look adorable in this Cookie Monster Costume with Light-Up Eyes. This fuzzy, blue jumpsuit has a light-up eyes on the top of the hood. Your child will fit right in on Sesame Street!

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As the Cookie CrumblesDoes your kiddo have a passion for cookies? Who doesn’t, really? As adults, we just learn a little more about self-restraint (AkA: holding back from buying more than 2 dozen boxes of Girl Scout cookies per member of the household). But before you step into adulthood, there’s a fun brand of freedom to the way kids show passion for treats. Kids aren’t ashamed to go above and beyond to get another chocolate chip cookie. Turn your back and you might be shocked to turn back and discover that your toddler has climbed onto the counter and is… well… toddling on tiptoes to reach their sugary goal. Kids will behave for cookies and misbehave for cookies. That’s a sweet, sweet double-edged sword you’ve got in your parenting arsenal. If cookies make your child’s eye light up, lean into it this Halloween with this Cookie Monster costume with literal light-up eyes!Costume DetailsThis fully-licensed Cookie Monster costume from Sesame Street is a classic for a reason. What better costume to wear when heading out to the neighborhood to ask for treats? The cozy blue suit is great for a chilly October night, easily fitting over your kiddo’s clothing. The costume secures up the back with hook and loop fasteners. Once the eyes are switched on, they’ll activate as soon as your kiddo is in motion, which is a great attribute for a chaotic Halloween evening!Directions to Sesame StreetKids have been asking how to get to Sesame Street for generations now. It turns out, this happy neighborhood is closer than you might have thought! Cookie Monster doesn’t have to be the only one dressed up. Now that you’re here, the whole family can find Sesame Street costumes from mom and dad to your family’s pooch! Sure, cookies are great but there’s nothing sweeter than a family holiday to Sesame Street!

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