Modern Combat Soldier Costume for Boys


Goes your little soldier have what is takes to locate and secure all the best candy spots around the neighborhood? In this Boy’s Modern Combat Soldier Costume he’ll be able to complete his mission in no time!

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Backyard Boot CampTen-hut! Your little one has guts! He has the determination! Now, it’s time to mold him into one tough little soldier that can take on any mission that you give him.His first training mission? Successfully secure cookies from the kitchen for snack time! Second mission? Have him sneak through the living room to see if his covert ops skills are ready for the big leagues! Final mission? Do a little neighborhood reconnaissance to see if the neighborhood kids want to play at the park!Of course, before your young little soldier begins his training, you might want to get him this Modern Combat Soldier Costume, which was designed by our team of costume designersDesign & DetailsThis kid’s costume helps your child achieve the look of a real soldier! It’s based on modern combat attire in the military and comes with a simple jumpsuit and hat to recreate the style. The jumpsuit features an all-over digital camouflage print and fits with fasteners in front. The suit has functional cargo pockets on each sleeve and matching pockets on the pant legs. It even has a U.S. flag patch embroidered onto the sleeve to help add a patriotic look. Finally, the matching cadet-style hat has a foam backing and a stiff bill to complete the look.Ready for the Mission!When you gear your child up in this Modern Combat Soldier Costume, he’ll be ready for his first mission! Of course, you might want to start with something simple, like guarding the cookie jar or cleaning the mess hall. Once he’s mastered those tasks, you send him on all the important mission. And be sure to equip him with one of our toy weapons! You never know when some imaginary enemies will show up to cause some trouble!

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