9-Inch Witch Cauldron Prop


Decorate your home with all sorts of spooky trouble this Halloween with our 9-Inch Witch Cauldron Decoration. It is the perfect piece to hold your candy, or your wicked potions, trust us!

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Perfect MixYou’ve been brewing up something special for Halloween in your mind. The recipe calls for two parts sweet and three parts sour. A dash of surprise and pinch of trickery adds the flavor of mischief. But your enchanting witches’ brew wouldn’t be complete without the addition of an eerie feeling, sprinkle of shadows, and uneasy shivers. And, of course, you’ll need somewhere to mix it all. Whether you’ll be stirring everything up while trick-or-treating with your children or handing out sugary snacks to neighborhood monsters and ghouls, this simple black cauldron is the perfect vessel.Product DescriptionConcoct your witches’ brew in this classic Halloween decoration! This 9-inch cauldron makes a great costume accessory or candy container for your Halloween celebrations. Featuring a swiveling handle and a deep interior, this spooky vessel has just enough detail to pass as a mini pewter cauldron and is ready to hold your favorite Halloween snacks. Carry the lightweight plastic bucket as a treat pail while trick-or-treating or pretend to create the treats you’ll use to grant trick-or-treaters’ wishes!Witch EssentialsWhether you’re staying in or heading out for Halloween, make sure your witches’ brew and cottage decor are exactly right with this 9-inch Witches Cauldron Decoration. Perfect for holding candy or all your potion ingredients, no sorcerer’s home is complete without it!

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