Adult Orange Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume


Get ready for launch with this orange Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume. Now that you’re officially an astronaut you can take on all your space missions while protected with your new astronaut gear.

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Remember being nothing but a young little squirt, sitting inside a giant box, pretending it was your space ship? Did you ever pretend that the family car was a space shuttle, taking you to the outer reaches of the solar system. Did you ever moonwalk in your backyard? Perhaps you even liked to watch the clock at the end of school to make the final “launch countdown”.Yeah, childhood dreams are great, but very few people are actually able to turn their childhood dreams into a reality. Either you find out how difficult it actually is to become an astronaut, or you end up taking an office job to pay those bills. We believe in living out those dreams though, even if you just do it by wearing a costume and you start referring to everyone at the party as “Houston”. We just so happen to have the perfect costume for this.This Orange Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume for adults helps you feel like a true space man. It comes with a full jumpsuit with plenty of great details to give you an authentic look. The front of the jumpsuit has various patches, including a NASA patch, a space shuttle and more. The shoulder has an American flag patch. It zips up in front and features pockets on the chest and along the thighs. Once you have it on, it won’t matter that you never made it through astronaut training, since you’ll look official enough to sneak a ride on the next launch!

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