50s Black Frame Glasses


Don’t be a spaz, wear a pair of 50s Black Frame Glasses to your next sock hop. Do we have to say you’ll look like a square without them.

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Every major player—villain, hero, or even supporting character—knows that the right accessory makes for the lasting image. And that was never truer than in the smart and stylish times of the Gold and Silver ages. Think back to the smartest and snazziest of lasses. Lois Lane, Mary Jane, Catwoman, and even the perfect depiction of the smart librarian ready to give the important clue… the keen reporters and would be Mad Women of the ‘50s…One image comes to mind and you can perfectly evoke that bygone era with these ‘50s Black Frame glasses. Rhinestone decorated and sturdy plastic frames with clear lenses, the glasses ensure clear vision and that perfect blend of smart and intimidating appearances. Narrow the retro frame down on your nose to give a look that lasts. Add to your existing costume or outfit to complete the look or give it an accent that won’t be forgotten. The cat frame will give your eyes that wide and alluring look that will leave you thinking, ‘Purrfect.’

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