Pink Minnie Mouse Costume


What more could a girl want in a costume than the glitter, ruffles, polka dots and PINKNESS of this licensed Pink Minnie Mouse Costume Toddler?

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Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.-Minnie MouseThere have been many famous power couples over the ages. Mark Antony and Cleopatra are one of the earliest examples. More recent times have brought us the likes of Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, Jay-Z and Beyonce, and of course Batman and Robin. But throughout time, few duos have been as lovey-dovey and iconic as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They were born to be together. They even have the same last name!Minnie Mouse made her cinematic debut alongside her beau in Steamboat Willie in 1928. She has had quite a life, starting out as a flirtatious flapper before progressing to a more conservative personality in the 50s, and ultimately becoming the star of her own shows. Throughout all that time she kept two things constant: her devotion to Mickey (whom Walt Disney said she is married to in her “private life”) and her nickname. (Her real name is actually “Minerva.” Can you blame the girl for changing it?)Now, if your mini girl wants to be Minnie Mouse, we’re sure she’s already got the charm and cuteness down pat. All that’s missing are the famous polka dots! Our Pink Minnie Mouse Costume is a darling little dress that gushes with loveliness, and it comes with the requisite headband for the full mouse-ear effect. A pair of frilly socks and black patent leather shoes (or comically oversized high heels for the classic touch) are all your little girl will need to complete this sweet look!Enlist your favorite cousin, friend, and or sibling for a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse costumes duo!

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