Men’s Oktoberfest Short Sleeve Costume Tee


Are you proud of your German heritage or just like German beer and brats? Either way this Men’s Oktoberfest Short Sleeve Costume Tee is a great, easy look this Halloween.

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Don’t Boast, Prost!It can be difficult to describe Oktoberfest outside the fairgrounds. People might think a weekend full of beer sounds standard and while the pretzels and mustard might be a nice touch, the polka might be unforgivable to them. And the thing is, we might even understand their dim views on the festival. Cause how are you supposed to understand the magic of this Bavarian festival if you’ve never experienced it? If you’ve never heard the accordian played to a crowd while hundreds of folks jumped up and down while trying to keep their steins from spilling, you might not understand the glory. That’s where you come in, an ambassador of German fun! Show them a good time rather then tell them about a good time!Product DetailsNext time you’re convincing people to join you for a weekend of polka, pretzels, and pilsners rock this lederhosen t-shirt. It has all the comfort you would want while also rocking a printed traditional checked collared shirt layered under realistic looking lederhosen straps. No need to sweat in leather pants when you’ve got a convenient option like this one on hand!Festival FoodsAre you ready to party like a German? Good thing you aren’t strapped into a pair of tight fitting leather overalls cause they’ve got all the treats! You’ll have your choice of Wursts, Schnitzels, and let’s not forget those necklaces made of pretzels that people wear around their necks to make sure they can salt their beer at any moment! Looking for a Bavarian look for your party partner? No worries! We have a wide variety of dirndl and lederhosen costumes for all sizes as well as ages. Because who wants to leave Junior behind when he can have his first taste of Wienerschnitzel at this year’s festivities?  

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