Crystal Ball Prop


People will be lining up for you to tell them their future when you add this Crystal Ball Prop to your gypsy or fortune teller costume look! Or add to your indoor Halloween decor!

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Be Careful What You Wish forSeeing into the future is a big responsibility! You never know when you might find something that’ll make your interactions rather awkward. For instance, you might accidentally peer into a good friend’s future. What are you going to say when she introduces you to her new boyfriend Chad and you know that she’s going to end up with an Albert in two years? That’s something you don’t really want to get mixed up in. You don’t want to be the one who’s always saying things like, “You really want to go on that road trip?” or “That seafood salad might not be the best idea”.  You might create more problems than you actually like! So, maybe we wouldn’t advise to try to tell actual fortunes, but this crystal ball is a great way to give some faux fortunes for fun.Product DetailsThis glass ball in its golden base is sure to stand out among your Halloween decor. It stands about 5 inches tall, with the glass ball measuring about 4 inches in diameter. Use it to complement a gypsy costume or place it in the middle of the table to prepare for impromptu future reading. What’s in the CardsWe think the crystal ball will always be the best way to tell the future. Sure, we might be a little biased but what’s not cool about the swirling distorted glass in which someone might find slivers of future wisdom. You could even drop your friend some hints about that guy, Chad, she’s been dating. The crystal ball allows you to tell all!

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