The Super Mario Brothers Men’s Mario Deluxe Costume


Mama Mia, It’s A Mario! Start your adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom with the Super Mario Brothers Men’s Mario Deluxe Costume.

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Next Level MarioSo, you’re a Mario master. You beat every Super Mario Bros game you ever laid your hands on. You’ve defeated Bowser, Wart, Bowser Jr., and you’ve even sent Wario packing. You’ve saved Princess Peach countless times and you’ve even duked it out with other Nintendo characters in Super Smash Bros. You can even beat everyone you know in a round of Mario Kart! So then, what’s the next challenge for you? Well, it’s time to take your Mario game to the next level. It’s time to take it into the real world!Yes, if you’ve already mastered Mario in video games, then it’s time to assume the role of Mario in the real world! This officially licensed Nintendo costume should help you do that with brilliant style!Product DetailsThis Super Mario Bros Deluxe Costume gives you a look straight from the video games. The costume comes with a bright blue jumpsuit with an attached red shirt, designed to look like the Italian plumber’s signature overalls. It fits with a simple fastener in the back for easy fitting. The gloves are one size fits all and stretch to fit. The bright red hat matches the jumpsuit and features the large “M” in the center and it fits with an elastic band. Finally, the mustache attaches to your face with a strip of adhesive and can be used multiple times with the use of spirit gum (sold separately). Put it all together and you have a Mario costume that gives you an authentic look based on Nintendo’s iconic character.Mastering the LookWhether you decide to wear this Mario costume while heading to the Go-Kart track, or you just want to wear it to show the world that you’re the ultimate Mario master, it’s the authentic look that you’ve been searching for!

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