Spoiled Ticket Winner Women’s Costume


That golden ticket is sure to be yours once you step into the Women’s Willy Wonka Veruca Salt Costume.

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silver spoon, golden ticketEvery family has a little princess running around–it can’t just be ours, can it? Maybe she refuses to eat her vegetables and only lives off cake and ice cream. And maybe she has a habit of opening presents at birthday parties that aren’t for her, but she just gets excited! She deserves those presents! She deserves anything she wants, whether it’s a frilly dress or a new car or a dang hoverboard.product detailsThis exclusive Women’s Spoiled Ticket Winner Costume is exactly what you need for your next fall-down-screaming temper tantrum. It’s made by our in-house designers, so you won’t have to worry about needing to make a sassy call to our customer service department — the designers know what they’re doing! The red long-sleeved dress features decorative black fabric-covered front buttons, a sewn-in black waist sash, a white Peter Pan collar and white sleeve cuffs. The costume is 100 percent polyester poplin fabric and has a back zipper for easy wear. make it stopIf it will make her happy, if it will stop the tantrum… Oh, please, let it stop the tantrum… Please, just once, if you would just not scream just once… Please, we’re begging you… Here, how about a new toy? A candy bar? The entire contents of a shopping mall? Please, don’t cry! We thought you would have grown out of this behavior!

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