Men’s Egyptian Sandals


Accessorize your Egyptian costume perfectly with these Men’s Egyptian Sandals.These sandals have a brown sole and gold details on the top of the foot.

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Walk Like an EgyptianIf you’re opting for an Egyptian theme this Halloween, then good on you! There are so many cool costumes that require the right sandals—from Pharaohs to toga parties to famed historical figures. But, and you’ll have to trust us here, it is so hard to get enough time off of work to travel to Egypt for all the accessories you need to make your costume look authentic. There are visas and passports involved, health records, and let’s not forget what a pain it is to exchange currency. You’re probably better off snagging these awesome Men’s Egyptian Sandals for your costume! They cost a lot less than a roundtrip ticket to Egypt, and they can arrive at your door in time for Halloween. Talk about a win-win. Now, we just hope you live in a warm enough climate where your toes won’t freeze off in the late October air. Brrr!Product DetailsThis pair of sandals gleams with a golden hue that looks like it’s been gilded by a true cobbler in the market square. The soles are anti-slip, and the sides of each sandal allow for size adjustment. The style fits seamlessly with your costume, too! 

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