Women’s Salem Witch Costume


This exclusive Women’s Salem Witch Costume can transform you into the historical witches of the past. Be careful though, that you don’t get caught doing magic in public!!

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Okay, fast fact: despite the reputation, Salem has come a long way since the Salem witch trials of 1692, and they’ve even come to know and expect quite a bit of witch tourism. So, if you’ve just booked a Groupon deal to Northern Massachusetts, what better way to experience the history than with this classic Salem Witch costume!With all the right touches, this costume is sure to be the perfect way to role play on a trip or to turn up your Halloween game with some serious style. The combination look fantabulously combines Colonial style, a classic witch’s outfit, and of course some cute accents that are going to have you feeling like a macabre mistress with some serious fashion chops.An elegant black ruffle maxi skirt perfectly contrasts the white shirt top. Lacy bell sleeves, ruffled placket, and a wide turn down collar give you some serious 1600s style. Attached belt, a detailed hat, and a semi-sheer black cape completes this alluring look. Grab a witches broom (sold separately) and your favorite pair of black heeled boots, and you’ll be ready to fire up the broom and ride in to the big party. No group coupon required!

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