Halter Money Print Women’s Jumpsuit


You’ve made the right moves and put in the work all year round, so now it’s time to show it off a bit! Check out the Women’s Halter Money Print Jumpsuit for the perfect outfit to flex on the haters!

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The Money SuitHave you ever thought about making an entire outfit out of dollar bills? We have. It seems like such a boss move, so we looked into making a halter jumpsuit out of real dollar bills. If you use Benjamins, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. Also, dollar bills are not exactly the most comfortable fabric out there. That’s why we decided to find something that’s a little more wallet-friendly and comfortable to wear!This Women’s Halter Money Print Jumpsuit is a spandex blend jumpsuit that gives you the high-style effect of a money suit, with added comfort for anyone looking to make a boss move at their next costume party.Product DetailsThis step-in jumpsuit is made out of a stretch-knit fabric that helps provide a form fit. It comes with a halter-style top that ties at the back of the neck. The jumpsuit has an all-over print of U.S. paper currency, which includes 20 dollar bills, 50 dollar bills, and 100 dollar bills! That means Jackson, Grant, and Franklin will be with you as strut your stuff!We recommend pairing this costume up with some of our dollar sign costume jewelry, as pictured in the image!

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