Women’s English Suffragette Costume


Pay homage to one of the most important events in modern history with the Women’s English Suffragette Costume. All you will need is your picket sign and you will be ready for the march.

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Tough with a Capital “T”Back in the day, women weren’t allowed to do a while lot. You could barely even step outside your home unchaperoned! And even the idea of voting in elections? Forget about it. You were supposed to stay inside and pretend to be a simpleton without any thoughts or ideas of your own. Nuts to that!Well, luckily, groups of tough women, who weren’t afraid of breaking from the social norms decided that enough was enough. They got out, campaigned for the right to vote, and made their voices heard. It’s due to these tough and courageous women that we all enjoy the right to vote and now, you can pay homage to those brave freedom fighters with this Women’s English Suffragette Costume.Product DetailsThis women’s costume showcases an important part of history! It starts with a one-piece dress that’s styled to look like a skirt and ruffled blouse, which would have been the attire during the Women’s Suffrage Movement. It fits with fasteners in the back and comes with decorative faux pearls on the sleeve cuffs. The cameo attaches to the collar to add an authentic look to the outfit and the whole thing is finished off with a sash. The sash fits around your shoulder and reads, “Votes for Women”. The sign is not included, so you’ll have to craft your own if you want the full look from the image.Won’t Back DownWhether you want to make a social statement about current inequalities in the world, or you just want to show your respect to the proud women who came before you, this Women’s Suffragette Costume is a great way to do it! Just make sure you bring your fiercest attitude to the party, because the women who fought for Women’s Suffragette didn’t back down from anything!

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