Kids Silent Stalker Mask


Have your kiddo causing some scares when they wear this Kids Silent Stalker Mask. This Kids Silent Stalker Mask is a must have costume accessory for any horror themed costume and will leave those around your child rather speechless from fear.

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Silence, Sweet SilenceTalk, talk, talk, that’s all some people want to do. Not us! No sirree, we here at have come up with the perfect office culture. Sure, its origins are a little alien, but we don’t judge! We have all agreed that all communication at work must be done via email and so, we have instituted a companywide mask mandate. Each and every one of us must wear this Silent Stalker Mask whenever we are clocked in. Imagine the blissful quiet atmosphere we enjoy at work!Sure, it’s still very scary whenever we have meetings and all sit in scared silence. And, yes, it is quite eerie to stand around the water cooler not talking at all as we look at one another. But these are just small issues! The benefits cannot be understated!Alien Invasion ReadyThe best benefit of all is that we are ready in the case of an alien invasion. Should they come to our office, we can all simply look at each other in silence until they leave, since they will clearly see that we are already assimilated. What could be better? Yes, we’ll be ready for the aliens whenever they come…. Unless… It couldn’t be… Unless they’re already among us!

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