Kids Soul Taker Costume


Haunt graveyards in this Kids Soul Taker Costume. It’s great for a Halloween party or a haunted house!

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A Demanding CareerBeing a soul taker is hard work. Roaming the streets at night, looking for souls ripe for the taking. Dodging teenagers on their cell phones and distracted drivers – it’s enough to make a soul taker pretty tired – especially on Halloween night. It can be challenging to tell the healthy folks from the walking dead. But in the end, it’s worth it for a good scare – as any soul taker will tell you. So, if your little one wants to give his friends a fright this Halloween, then this soul taker costume is just what they are looking for.Product DetailsThe being in this child’s Soul Taker costume roams the earth in search of lost souls to take! If he can’t find any lost souls, there’s a good chance that he’ll settle for some Skittles or Milk Duds. After all, where he comes from, there ain’t any treats! Let your child suit up as a devious reaper with this frightening costume. And if he prefers treats to souls, all the better! This costume comes with everything your child needs to become a terrifying figure this Halloween. The black hooded pullover robe fastens at the back of the neck with ties. The robe has white poly knit mesh draped from the neck and shoulders for the ultimate ghastly look. The sleeves have long black fringe along the length of them for added detail. The mesh knit of the hood covers the entire face so no one will know their true identity! The bottom of the robe has printed white souls grasping upward so no one will mistake why this soul taker has appeared!Reaper Round-upSo, it’s about time that your child had a career! He or she could turn out to be pretty good at this job. So, it’s a bit of macabre career choice. But at least, your child is on a mission!

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