Creepy Black Clown Wig


If you’re going for the evil clown look, we have you covered. Add this intense Black Creepy Clown Wig to your costume. It is bound to cause some fright.

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Flat Top FearEveryone knows the look of the big and poofy hairdo made common by the clown. They expect rainbow colors and a wild style matched only by the goofy nose on their face. Some folks find that pretty scary, though. They have nightmares about these clowns! Well, we want to do all we can to help cure common coulrophobia. Of course, the only way we can help with standard clown fear is by bringing in an even scarier one! It’s time to bring an even creepier look to the circus character that has everyone shaking in their boots. Product DetailsTake a more macabre twist on the clown with this Creepy Black Clown Wig. This mesh cap fits comfortably with elastic and features a head of synthetic hair styled in a mischievously memorable style. It’s like an afro that’s been decapitated! Maybe a set of pigtails that just went wild. Try to describe the unusual look all you like and you’ll only come up with the fact that there is just something strange about this black-haired clown! Make Up a NightmareYou’re sure to get a few gasps when you show up in this Creepy Flat-Top Clown Wig! Of course, if you combine it with some of your favorite spooky makeup, you’ll turn a look of surprise into a scream of terror! 

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