Shackle Leash w/ Chain


Your scary costume would not be complete without this Shackle Leash with Chain. Whether you’re dressing as a prisoner or zombie, this accessory is sure to complete your look.

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Not Your Average ZombieSo, you want to go out as a zombie this Halloween. However, you also want to stand out from the sea of undead prowling the streets that night. Well, you will need to find an accessory that the typical zombie won’t wear. Something that offers some sort of backstory to your living dead costume is always a good idea. We say, add this Shackle Leash with Chain accessory.Everyone will have plenty of questions when they see the zombified version of you stumbling around in a leash and cuffs. When were they put on, before or after your undead state? Why were they put on, for protection from you or control of you? Zombies usually don’t have the most expansive vocabulary, so there’s no need to worry about actually answering these questions. Just give them a good old zombie grunt and say, “BRrAaaINSss”. Product DetailsThis accessory is constructed of plastic. There is a great amount of detail in the shackles and chains giving this Fun World accessory a very realistic look. The cuffs and collar are made in one size. Hands should easily slide in and out of the cuffs, while the leash should fit over most heads without a problem.

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