Kids Leopard Kit


Have a paw-sitively spot on Halloween with the Kids Leopard Costume Kit! Let your little one be the purrfect little cheetah this Halloween with the Kids Leopard Costume Kit!

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Leaping Leopards!Does your little one love jumping and playing like a kitten? Would she feel right at home, stalking through the thick foliage of the jungle? Well, she sounds pretty cool, if you ask us! Every child with serious feline inclinations deserves a top of the line cat costume. But if your child leans towards wild rather than a housebound Persian, she’ll need a set of leopard ears.Product DetailsThis wildcat set includes a pair of ears, a bow tie that slips on with an elastic band for comfort, and a stuffed tail. These accessories are made of a smooth fabric and pair well with a variety of ensembles from dance costumes to dresses for a subtle costume during the school day. The Cat’s MeowWhether your child is simply playing the part of the stalking feline at home or dressing up for trick-or-treating on Halloween, this costume set is sure to please. To make sure that your kiddo’s look is complete, paint her face with cat-like whiskers. However, it’s going to be up to her to work on that wild roar we’ve come to expect from a jungle leopard. After all, we all know that she’s no house cat!

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