Super Mario Rosalina Deluxe Women’s Costume


Princess Peach is always a classic character, but it’s time for the other princesses of the Mario universe to shine. Get this Super Mario Rosalina Deluxe Women’s Costume and have a unique Nintendo costume this Halloween.

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Princess Rosalina is a lot different than Princess Peach. Nothing against the ruling lady of the Mushroom Kingdom, but she spends more time getting kidnapped than actually ruling her legions of Toad followers. Roaslina, on the other hand, spends her time protecting her little Luma creatures from danger and telling them stories about Mario and Luigi! We’re not sure, but she may just be a better Nintendo princess than Peach! (We also hear that she’s a lot better at racing a Mario Kart.)So, if you’re planning dressing up to be the wisest and most benevolent princess in the entire galaxy, then maybe you should look to the example of Rosalina and get this licensed Rosalina deluxe costume. The costume is designed to look like her outfit from the Super Mario Galaxy series. It comes with a lovely light blue dress that has plenty of great details, like a star brooch on the bust and wispy accents around the sleeves. It has over the shoulder sleeves and a shimmering skirt. It even comes with a silver crown to make sure that everyone knows that you’re a true princess!Once you have it on, Bowser might show up to cause trouble (he never seems to be able to leave princesses alone) and Marion and Luigi may make an appearance at your kingdom. Just make sure you have a set of go-karts set up for their arrival, since nothing starts a party like a rousing game of Mario Kart (which you will undoubtedly win).

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