Panda Face Mask


Stay safe and have fun with the Panda Face Mask. Featuring a panda face with ears sticking out too! This super adorable exclusive face mask is perfect for completing your costume and keeping you safe.

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The Best BearWhat’s your favorite animal? We took a poll around the office and got some varying results. Most people said they prefer the animal that they have as a pet, like cats, dogs, fish, and other reptiles. Others named things like dragons, basilisks, and krakens. (We have a lot of nerds around here.) One guy said his favorite creature is a mosquito, but we think he was joking. When we compiled the results, it showed that a majority of people like furry creatures. If you do too, then you probably think pandas are cute. Their big eye patches, round ears, and pudgy bodies all contribute to the adorable factor. Also, since they don’t eat humans (like some other bears do), we don’t have to be afraid of them!Product DetailsIf you’re looking for a cute face to protect your own, this Panda Face Mask will do the job! The inside layer is polyester so it sits smoothly on your skin, and the outside is velour, which feels almost as soft as a real panda. Its elastic loops will keep it comfortably on your ears, and you can even throw it in the washing machine. Wearing a mask this cute is sure to make you feel adorable!

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