Striped Harry Potter Scarf


This Striped Harry Potter Hogwarts Scarf that features the Hogwarts crest is great for keeping warm during cooler weather or for accessorizing your Harry Potter costume!

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When Dumbledore first got up at the beginning of the school year to give the speech of what’s important to remember about Hogwarts, he covered most of the bases. Stay out of the forbidden forest or you’ll die, Don’t go into the third floor corridor or you’ll die a horrible death, and of course be sure to get to bed on time or you’ll put the wrong ingredient in at potions class, and probably die (Fine we added that last one in but it was implied!). What he seemed to forget was that the castle can get pretty drafty during the school year and you definitely should pack a nice scarf to fight that chilly air. That and have you ever accidentally walked through a ghost? It’s very unsettling and ectoplasm is just not very warm. Give this nice fluffy scarf a try, and it will even help show your school spirit. If any muggles ask, just tell them it’s a private boarding school that not too many people know about.

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