French Maid Feather Duster


Dust your way into his heart with this delicate French Maid Feather Duster. Wear it with a classy au pair costume for a tantalizing affair, or just to help get in-between cracks!

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We both know that a feather duster just moves the dust around. Whoever invented it probably wasn’t interested in cleaning. Or maybe it was just the only materials the had available to help them tidy up the house. Either way, we are lucky that our French Maid Feather Duster is just a costume prop. We don’t think it would do much in the way of actually cleaning up our dusty houses.Though it doesn’t make a great cleaning implement, a feather duster sure does make a great accessory for any French Maid costume. So when you head out in your sexy French Maid costume this Halloween, be sure to complete the look with this feather duster.This feather duster costume accessory measures about 14″ long and has a black plastic handle. The white feathers at the end of the handle give it a classic feather duster look that you’ve come to expect for any French Maid.

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