Black Dragon Horns Plush Headband


This Black Stuffed Dragon Horns Headband will be the perfect accessory to add to your next Halloween look! They feel like a mythical creature from another world with this cool headband!

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A Glorious BeastWhen you picture a dragon, you probably envision a large, scaled beast sitting on a mountain of gold and gems. That’s what we picture, at least! The classic tales of dragons always talk about how massive and majestic they are. But everyone has to start out small, even dragons. When they hatch from their eggs, they’ve got a long way to go before they can burn down villages or build their own hoards of valuables. Whether you want to be a terrifying dragon or a wise dragon, this Black Stuffed Dragon Horns Headband is perfect for a human-sized interpretation.Product DetailsThis headband features twisted black horns made of solid stuffing and encased in soft faux leather. The band also features two tiny, shimmering wings, which are blue and purple. The “bones” of the wings are black, like the horns and the headband itself. Once this is settled on your head, there is no doubt at all about what you are representing! Keep it simple with a black outfit, or go crazy with scale patterns and glittering purple and blue details. Best of luck collecting your personal treasure trove of gold coins and blazing gemstones! Safe travels, fair dragon.

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