Baby Fluffy Blue Bunny Costume


Our Fluffy Blue Bunny Baby Costume is cozy and cute. The perfect first costume for any occasion. Complete with a floppy ears headpiece, that will melt everyone’s hearts!

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Winter BluesMost animals have a natural defense in the winter. Humans bundle up. Bears hibernate. Birds fly south. And snowshoe hares turn white. But one winter, we saw something incredible happen.The rabbits hopping around our office don’t turn white like a snowshoe hare. They typically scurry under bushes or trees and hunker down to avoid as much of the cold as they can, much as we do with our layers of coats, scarves, and hats. But one rabbit didn’t seem to want to avoid the chill. Whenever the sky was clear and blue, whether the air was below freezing or a balmy 32 degrees, one little fellow would stand in the middle of the yard and stare up toward the sun. For a while, we thought they were soaking in the very limited heat. But then we saw the rabbit turn a light blue to match the sky. Suddenly, the winter seemed a little less chilly.Design and DetailsInspired by the charmer that brightened up the winter, our team of designers came up with this adorable Fluffy Blue Bunny Baby Costume. Get your baby bundled up for their first Halloween or a precious winter photoshoot with this exclusive ensemble. Super-soft faux fur was used to create the body of each costume piece, with accents of minky fleece for the inner ears and paws. The jumpsuit makes getting your baby dressed easy with a zipper down the center back, and diaper changes stay simple with a snap-closure in-seam. The included pair of booties and mittens keep your baby’s fingers and toes toasty. And the plush hood, featuring floppy ears and embroidered facial features, polish this darling look off for all your chilly-weather occasions!Full of OpportunityBunnies are always adorable. Babies, equally so. When we saw a bunny turn blue, we knew we’d found another perfect baby costume. So, whether you’re getting your little one outfitted for Halloween, winter, or Easter, this Made By Us fluffy bunny costume for babies is sure to inspire all sorts of charming opportunities!

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