Toddler Furry Spider Costume


This Toddler Furry Spider Costume is an exclusive design that will transform your child into a cute creepy crawly! Get this adorable costume for this Halloween.

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We already know what you’re going to say. He’s just too young to be creepy and crawly. But pro tip here, folks… anytime you add fur to a toddler’s costume, they’re still going to be super cute! That’s why we went ahead and designed this toddler Furry Spider costume. It’s made by us, and sold exclusively here, so if you want to make your youngest the crawling spider of your family group theme, this costume will have you covered.This spider costume will have any little boy or girl feeling just like a full blown arachnid. The hooded shirt has a zip up front, and fits over the elastic waistband pants so it’s easy to get your little one in and out of costume. With four extra stuffed arms (errrr… we mean legs) that are connected to the sleeves of the costume, you’ll have a eight legged friend with a totes adorbs smile! The oversized spider abdomen hangs off of the back of the costume, and completes the spidertastic look. With luxe faux fur and quality construction, this exclusive look is the perfect way to get your family in on the spider game this Halloween!

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