Toddler Mighty Moose Costume


Have an a-moos-ing time trick-or-treating in the Toddler Mighty Moose Costume this Halloween! Dress your child as an adorable moose this year with the Toddler Mighty Moose Costume!

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What a Find! The intrepid explorer trampst through the Canadian forest in search of an amazing find. Is he looking for Bigfoot? For the Chupacabra? No! He is looking for an incredible animal that can grow to seven feet tall and weigh up to 800 pounds, can store 100 pounds of food in its stomach, run as fast as 35 miles per hour, swim like a duck, and hold its breath underwater for minutes at a time. Finally, he spots one – the magnificent moose! This moose is a little smaller than most, and exceptionally friendly. So friendly, in fact, that he follows the explorer home and demands cookies. Better go back to the grocery store – 100 pounds of cookies equals a lot of boxes! Product DetailsLet your little animal lover run wild this Halloween in an exclusively designed Mighty Moose costume for toddlers! The ultra-soft brown onesie zips up the back and sports an adorable furry tail on the seat. More faux fur lines the chest and collar area. The jumpsuit’s wrists and ankles end in shiny black hand and boot covers that look like hooves. The headpiece fastens under the chin with an opening for the face. It is decorated with sweet moose ears and eyes, a cute nose, and wide, cream-colored antlers. I Moose Ask Where You Found Your CostumeYour child will have the most fun and original costume on the block this year! Just don’t get between him and a bowl of trick-or-treat candy: 35 miles per hour is fast, y’all. 

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