Kid’s Circus Monkey Costume


This Kid’s Circus Monkey Costume is the perfect costume to help you showcase your wild side. Excite your audience with your unique talents and impress them with your amazing costume!

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Monkey Enters, Stage Left“Showtime” means there’s no time to be monkeying around. That is unless you happen to be a prime ape working in the circus! Then it is the perfect time for some monkey business. We’re sure your home can feel like a circus every once in a while. Everyone is goofing off and you’re the ringmaster that has to whip everybody into shape.Well, this Halloween you can let your kiddo go wild with this hysterical Circus Monkey Costume. He will love running from house to house gathering up treats in this exclusive costume from our Made By Us collection. Just don’t be too surprised if his candy bag is filled to the top with bananas this year. If anything, your dentist will thank us later.Details & DesignNow, this may be quite the transformation to undertake, one would think. However, our expert costume design team has made it a rather simple matter. The costume is but three separate pieces.Start with the hooded jacket. The hood has all the adorable features of a monkey sewn on. Next, you can add the red vest. It has gold edging and three black buttons. It will make your little one look quite professional… for a monkey. Lastly, you have a pair of black and white striped pants. There is a charming brown monkey tail attached to the back of the pants. Don’t forget to check out our monkey accessories!Monkey See, Monkey PartyLet your little one get all of the monkey business out of his system this Halloween. This hilarious Circus Monkey Costume will inspire him to go bananas at the costume parties. That way once he gets back home, he’ll be all tuckered out. He will leave the circus outside of your house for once and you’ll be able to put him to bed with ease!

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