Toddler Donkey Costume


Our Toddler Donkey Costume will have your little one kicking around and saying, ‘hee-haw.’ Complete with a front zipper for easy on-off access, and the cutest little donkey head for a hood, they wont want to take this one off.

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Donkey BehaviorDid you know, a donkey is stubborn to stay safe while getting what they want? If they think something is dangerous or they don’t like it, they avoid it entirely. No amount of coaxing can change their mind. If you’re familiar with that attitude, your toddler must have a similar mulishness. When they see friends at the park hop from one stepping stone to the next, do they come running over to if that’s an okay activity? We bet you assured them it was, but they still didn’t want to give it a try. When you sit broccoli in front of them at dinner, do they shy away like it’s a monster, even if you offer dessert for clearing their plate?We know it’s charming when your toddler clears a path through their toys to protect everyone’s feet, and that you’re glad they refuse to climb into their bath until the water is a safe temperature. We bet you even find it sweet that they need to hear their favorite bedtime story twice every night. But when they asked to be a farm animal for Halloween without specifying which animal they preferred, you probably got a little nervous. Never fear! We’re familiar with stubborn toddlers, and we have just the thing for their Halloween!Design and DetailsYour headstrong toddler is sure to love this Toddler Donkey Costume! They’ll be transformed into their spirit animal by the Made by Us jumpsuit. The light grey suit is made with a super-soft fabric that will have your little one feeling safe and warm for all their Halloween adventures. Attached vinyl cuffs and shoe covers look like a donkey’s hooves. Dressing in the exclusive costume is easy with the zipper down the front. And the attached hood, stuffed to give it the shape of a donkey head with appliqued eyes, soft-sculpted ears, and a shaggy faux fur mane, completes this playful look perfectly!Sweet StubbornnessBeing stubborn can be a good thing. Ask your toddler. A few minutes longer to play before bed, a plate cleared of everything but the gross vegetable, and a Halloween treat bag full of candy because they wouldn’t stop until their feet were sore, can’t be beaten! So, get them ready to trick-or-treat until they drop with this Toddler Donkey Costume!

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