Women’s Sheer Cleopatra Costume


Show off your prestige as Queen of the Nile in the Women’s Sheer Cleopatra Costume! Be the queen of Egypt this Halloween with the Women’s Sheer Cleopatra Costume!

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Comeback QueenHere’s the difference between princesses and queens. Princesses are given their title, queens have to fight for theirs. And as fighting for the throne goes, Cleopatra’s story stands out loud and proud. In the beginning, she was pushed from the throne. Banned from her own land. Did she let that stop her? No! When Caeser was staying in an Egyptian palace, Cleopatra had her servants roll her into a carpet. Then they casually carried her into the palace (we like to imagine them whistling like they do in cartoons). As soon as they unfurled their lovely monarch in front of Caeser he fell head over heels and she made a bid for the throne. It wasn’t long before she was ruling again. If that’s not a power play, we don’t know what is!Details & DesignWe’re sure the Egyptian queen would stamp her seal of approval on this Made by Us Cleopatra costume! Our designers created this piece in a nod to the Egyptian style that was popular for the country’s hot climate. The unique look features a white bodysuit under a sheer flowing gown with subtle gold stripes. The gown is accented with a stunning gold collar and belt, beaded for ultimate shimmer power. With sheer layers, sparkling gold, and a flattering cut, this costume will be a legendary ensemble at any costumed event.Ultimate Look, No De-NileCleopatra really knew how to make an entrance. She was never afraid to shine! When you’re dressing as this legendary queen, take a leaf out of her book. Finish off this look with golden accessories like bangles, sandals, and makeup. Crown yourself with your favorite Cleopatra wig from our collection. When you’re looking this royal, you don’t even have to roll yourself in a carpet to make a stunning entrance!

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