WWE Referee Shirt Costume


Take charge and make the calls this season! Made by us, this WWE Referee Shirt Costume made from our quality materiel’s will have you feeling comfortable for your event.

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RulesIn the WWE, we want a good, clean fight. After all, we’re trying to determine who the best wrestler is. You can’t do that if people are cheating or using some forbidden techniques. That’s why every fight needs someone who’s ready to enforce the rules and call out any wrestler who tries to break those rules. An illegal eye-poke? Disqualified! Sneaking a friend into the ring to pummel your opponent while you take a short break? Disqualified! Grabbing a metal chair from the audience to use in the ring? Well, maybe you can let that one slide as long as it’s John Cena…You get to decide the rules when you wear this WWE Referee Shirt Costume! It’s based on the uniform that the refs wear during matches, so you’ll look completely official!Design & DetailsThis simple shirt is made out of a polyester and spandex blend, making it both comfortable and slightly for fitting. It’s a standard pullover-style shirt, complete with the black and white stripes of a ref shirt. It also has embroidered patches on the arms and the chest to let everyone know that you’re there to enforce the rules! Be sure to pair this up with any of our exclusive WWE costumes to create a show of a lifetime!

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