Kid’s Deluxe Furry Brown Bear Costume


If they’ve always wanted to be a lovable huggable bear for Halloween, there’s no better chance than our Kid’s Deluxe Furry Brown Bear Costume!

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Are your kids always looking for honey to eat? Do they love to take long naps, as if they’re hibernating? Do they often make a lot of noise at night while out camping? Well, we have to break it to you… you’ve got a bear on your hands. They might not look it, but that’s going to change once they get ourChild Deluxe Furry Brown Bear Costume! It’s an exclusive look you won’t find anywhere else. Not Jellystone, not Yosemite, not the infamous Country Jamboree… nowhere but here. Now all they need is a delicious smackeral of honey, and they’ll be the gentle critter they’ve always wanted to be.

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