Women’s Very Mad Hatter Costume


If you are as mad as a hatter then the Women’s Very Mad Hatter Costume is just what you need. Show everyone your darker side on Halloween this year!

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Mad Hosting SkillsHow do you feel about hosting parties? What about tea parties? What about tea parties in which the only guests are utterly unhinged? We have to believe that would be a great time. But really, we have so many questions about the details of hosting a mad tea party. For instance, we know that time in Wonderland is a little wonky so how do you make sure that all of your guests gather all at once? Secondly, there’s a lot of tea spilling at these parties. How do you stop all that tea from messing up your carpet? Or perhaps you should only celebrate a mad tea party outside. And finally, what do you serve at a mad tea party? You could keep the menu cute with items such as the mushrooms made of Mozzarella balls and a slice of tomato or a strange purple Jell-O concoction topped in Violets. The thing is, when you’re the Mad hatter host, you get to decide just how mad that mad tea party gets!Product DetailsA long silver and black pin-striped jacket with tails make this Mad Hatter costume pop. It secures with a swirling button and is trimmed in teacup fabric. A striped shirt front is attached. It has faux buttons down the front. The patched pants give you an unmistakable mad hatter flair. A teacup necktie and a top hat accented with a matching hatband and a card complete the look. Spilling the TeaAre you ready to get an in on Wonderland gossip? Get together with the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, Alice, and the White Rabbit and you’re sure to have a party to remember. Even the Queen of Hearts can some if she promises to keep her heady threats to herself. So put the kettle on, this should be a good time!

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