Kids Charming Prince Costume


Dance the night away with princesses in the Kid’s Charming Prince Costume this Halloween! Be royalty for Halloween with the Kid’s Charming Prince Costume!

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Royal PowerSurprise! You’ve just found out that your mom and dad were hiding a pretty big secret from you. You’re not a regular kid after all – you’re actually royalty, heir to the throne of a small but feisty country that has been breathlessly anticipating your triumphant return! Sure, you may have soccer practice all week, but now you’ll also have some extra lessons in dealing with petitioners and probably some tutoring in how to look noble on horseback. Don’t worry, though, it’s definitely worth it. After all, you’re a prince! You can do pretty much whatever you want! You can decree that from now on, it is totally ok for you to have ice cream for breakfast instead of boring cereal. You can also declare that you want giant trampolines installed in every room in your castle. Your word is the law!Product DetailsWow the crowds and impress your subjects in your Charming Prince Costume for Kids! Long blue pants with red trim down the sides are both lordly and comfortable for a long day of state visits or performing the ribbon cutting for a free arcade. A white jacket with golden epaulets, corded edging and frog fasteners gives you an especially noble appearance. The attached red sash displays your many medals of state, including the Most Handsome Prince medal and the Hot Dog Eating Champion Cross of Distinction. Most Valuable PrinceGive “MVP” a new meaning! Become the most popular ruler that your country has ever known with your fun-loving policies and nationwide go-kart races. History books and statues will be erected in your honor, so it’s a good thing you’re dressed to impress! 

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