Women’s Divine Dancer Costume


Swing and sway your way through Halloween night in this fabulous Women’s Divine Dancer Costume. Made by us with beautiful flowing skirt, and ruffled top, this one is sure to please the masses.

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Dance the Night Away The legends said that, one day, the stars would align and shine down upon a dancer that would bring a bright smile to the faces of all who looked upon her. Sure, that might not immediately sound like a life-changing thing… but clearly there is some kind of magic involved when the shake of a tambourine or the cling of pair of finger cymbals sound. Pair that with the sway of your hips or one of those elaborate twirling jumps and it is no wonder that the right kind of performance can make an audience’s heart skip a beat! Now, the world has been waiting long enough. If the night sky won’t arrange the stars in the pattern that we’re looking for, perhaps we can help by laying them all out right instead. It might sound a little outlandish, but perhaps the heavens have simply been waiting for the legendary dancer to start the rhythm on her own. Try gearing up in a Belly Dancer costume and you might find that the moon and stars were actually waiting for you all along! Design & DetailsOur in-house design team know a thing or two about legendary looks. So they gathered up their all-stars to create a Made by Us outfit that will put a skip in your step. This Divine Dancer costume features an off-the-shoulder blouse that contrasts beautifully with the sun-and-moon design of the full-length skirt. The sequined scarf fits around your waist to light up every shimmy while the headscarf can be worn to complete the exotic look. All you’ll need to supply are the moves!You’re the StarAmong all of the moons and stars that decorate the skirt of this Divine Dancer costume, one might wonder where the stars are hanging out. Of course, when you sway your hips to the beat of the tambourine, there won’t be any question! 

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