Standing 6 Foot Ghost Face Halloween Prop


What’s your favorite scary movie? Look out, Sidney. This spooky Standing 6 Foot Ghost Face Prop is coming for you! Dress up your Halloween haunt with this iconic masked menace!

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Let’s Play a Game Horror movies aren’t for the faint of heart! We love them for the same reason that we love true crime podcasts – it’s fun to scare ourselves from the safety of our homes, cars, or workspaces. In the daylight, with the windows and doors locked, creepy things are hard to believe. But when the darkness comes…it’s a different story. Product Details Beware, all high school students! This Ghost Face Prop conceals a terrible criminal! Well, usually it does. This Halloween, it just conceals your face so that you can have the best scary costume on the block! The molded white mask looks just like the one made classic by a certain cult favorite movie, and it straps on easily to your head. Wear it with a Grim Reaper-style robe, or slip it when you want some Halloween flair! Better Watch Out Time for a scary movie! You waited until after sunset, so take some precautions. Did you lock the sliding glass door? Better check twice. And don’t answer the phone, ok? Some people out there don’t like to leave horror movies in the “fiction” section where they belong. 

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